Thursday, October 22, 2009

Someone on my Facebook friends list updated his status to say "is this where you want to be when Jesus comes back?" Well, no. I hope I'm in a bunker somewhere with weapons because it means the zombie apocalypse is finally upon us.

Last night I went to the state fair. Rode some fun rides, won a stuffed animal and restrained myself from eating things like funnel cakes, corn dogs and chocolate covered bacon (yea wtf). Read more about all that on my fat girl blog

The coolest thing at the fair was an amazing sand sculpture. It was huge, an entire woodlands theme complete with trees, animals and it was so incredibly detailed. Wish I'd have brought my camera with me.

Tonight I'm going to dinner with Nicole, Monday was her birthday and I got her one of those horrid ugly purses she so badly wanted. Then home to carve my pumpkin! I love fall!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

I mean, seriously, NOWHERE? For starters there are like a thousand species of dinosaurs

HAHA, this IS totally me.

This weekend will be a good time. Tomorrow morning I am headed out to Nicole's house to set up for her mom's surprise 50th bday party, then going over to Newberry for Kristina and Bennies wedding (yay guys!). Then back out to Nicoles for the party, I LOVE her mom. This lady took me in as her own kid almost immediately, inviting me to family stuff like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years when my family wasn't here. Totally being there for me when I was having issues with Tim. I'm stoked to celebrate her birthday!

I don't think my mom realizes that Lindsy and I keep NO secrets. Literally, I don't think I can even speak to my sister without telling her every little detail about everything in my life. We just don't do secrets. So mom tells Lindsy that she's been watching LOST on her laptop without Cody and I and not to tell me. WTF!? She's ruining family night! She went so far as to buy her own Netflix subscription so that we wouldn't see that she shows had been watched (on xbox when you watch a show it marks it as watched even if you delete it from the queue and re-add it). So of course Lindsy calls me right away with this news. jerk.

Next week starts my eat right and stop being a fat girl routine. I'm going to blog about it so I have some accountability. You can find the blog here don't look today, its not started yet. I have a little motivation to do what I'm doing so hopefully I can stick to it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Rubber Galoshes

So Brandon and I are at a Food and Wine Fest, very cool by the way. I have a tendency to check out other girls. For one, girls are pretty and two, I like to see what they are wearing because it helps me when I have to dress myself. I notice a couple girls wearing rubber galoshes. Ugly ones. Well to be honest there are no cute galoshes. They are almost as horrible as Crocs, in my opinion. Anyway I point this out to Brandon and he and I start counting how many girls were wearing these things. TONS! One chick had on a straw beach hat, safari dress and galoshes. She wasn't sure if she was going to the beach, on a safari or trekking through marshes but whatever it was she was covered....too bad she was on a plantation at a food and wine festival.

Speaking of chicks at the festival. There was this smokin hot girl in a green dress that I couldn't stop staring at! Brandon says she looks like Caprica from Battlestar Galactia, she totally did.
I've been playing Scribblenauts, it came in the mail last Friday. I refuse to use the obvious methods of getting to things. Like flying around in a spaceship instead of just climbing. The game is hilarious though.

Spent this past weekend in Charleston and decided Charleston might need a Stephanie but it has to offer a giant balcony downtown. I'll keep updated on how negotiations are going. Saw The Have Not's they were great. Improv comedy. Saw the aquarium, went to a food festival, went on the aircraft carrier and submarine and walked on the beach at night. It was a great trip.

Also I found out that you can get Acai Bowls in Charleston! First place in SC I have found yet. However, I have become so obsessed with these that I can make them at home now!
Acai Bowl
1 acai smoothie mix
like 1/2 c apple juice or soy milk (up to you)
1 banana
mix 1 smoothie pack with a banana, apple juice and some ice, top with blueberries, granola and drizzle in honey

Friday, October 02, 2009

So many games so little time!

I will not play Aion, I will not play Aion. It actually looks really fun and the graphics are very pretty, not to mention you can get wings and fly! It looks alot like World of Warcraft by looking at the interface but that's about all they have on common. I just don't have the time for an MMO. 5 of my friends are playing already, if they still love it in a month, I'll consider at least picking up the 10 day trial.