Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wild Sweet Orange

Have you heard Wild Sweet Orange? This is why I love using Pandora, I run across so many artists I would have never listened to otherwise! I got some really good stuff today but this is one of the only bands I heard that I've liked almost every song I played. Here's a link to their Myspace Profile, there's a lot of songs on there. They have video embedding disabled on YouTube but search it, love it and the album :)

In other news, I finally rented Little Big Planet and MAN is it great. Sackboy is the cutest video game character I have ever seen! The levels are fun, you basically have to figure out how to move from beginning to end by moving things around, swinging from stuff and things like while collecting items throughout. There are challenges to do between levels. The graphics are cool, its almost like claymation but they are so spot on things move when you nudge it. My Sackboy is actually an orange Sackgirl with purple pigtails and bunny ears, hehe. I also picked up Assassins Creed because I hadn't played it and I saw a commercial for Assassins Creed 2 and it looks badass, so I want to play through the first one before November when 2 comes out. Its got everything I love in an RPG game plus beautiful graphics! Its gonna be fun, there are a TON of movement that'll take some getting used to though.

October is almost here and its going to be an exciting month! Charleston in 2 weeks, Kristina and Bennies wedding and Nicole's moms 50th the weekend after that and Myrtle Beach the weekend after that! Shannon is trying to talk me into going to AZ for Halloween and I might do it, I miss her like mad and we'd have a blast. Shes moving into her new house so it would be cool if I could get out there to check it out, after all, it might be my future home soon!

All in all this was a great weekend, I decided to get into Lost and I can stream all the seasons to my Xbox so Cody and I watched a ton of them Saturday. Heard some new music and picked up a couple games, couldn't ask for a more relaxing weekend!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I just ordered Scribblenauts for my DS, something fun and cute to do on my lunch breaks at work. I had enough points on my Check Card to get a $25 gift card so I got the game for free! I'm waiting for Blockbuster to have Little Big World available so I can try it out, Sackboy is the cutest video game character I've seen! Considered trying to sew my own, I have't sewn in awhile and what a better way to mix two things I love?! Too bad the game is only available on PS3, but with my brother staying here he's got one so I get to play!

Having the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii all in my house I've had ample time to decide, I like the Xbox the best. I also found out that my favorite web show The Guild is available from Xbox Life FREE and in HD!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

How cool is it that you can post blogs via a text message. Too bad my phone limits texts to 160 characters.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

too controversial for religious America

I've written paragraph after paragraph as to why it annoys me that this film has been deemed "too controversial" for America but I didn't want this post to be long and preachy. Rather than go on a tirade, know that this annoys me considering all the other crap that gets put into our theaters. Even if you are a devout Christian and you want to tell your kids that Charles Darwin "directly influenced Adolph Hitler", he was a real person with a theory. We show other movies about things that happened in our pasts. I am positive this movie is not about telling your kids to stop being a Christian. But stopping people from seeing it is just ridiculous, I'd rather see you stop showing movies with people hacking other people to bits for fun.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

You get to karate kick a helicopter!

Hell Yes.

Just got back from VA Beach with the fam. Had a nice time. Got to eat at my favorite Puerto Rican place, Mojito. Played in the ocean, got a tattoo and shopped for puppies with Lindsy and Jake. All in all, it was a nice mini break away from home, I haven't left town in awhile.

Today was 9-9-09 and it was Brandon and Jake's birthdays. I find it kind of funny that those 2 have the same birthday, they are SO much alike too. I looked up their sign just to see if it was right and it really is true: modest, shy, intelligent, analytical, live in their minds, calm and collected...yea that's definitely those two! I hope they both had a great birthday, I'm pretty sure Jakes girlfriend did something silly like draw LOL Cats on his car or try to Rickroll him and last time I heard from Brandon he was hyped about getting a Choco Taco, haha.

I saw District 9 tonight. It was pretty cool. I'm not a blood and guts girl but the way they blew the bodies up in that movie with the alien guns was pretty spectacular! It was nice to get out of the house, get my mind off things for a little while.

I wrote my cousin Mike a letter yesterday. I've decided to only write Mike when I am in a positive frame of mind because I realized I wrote him 5 pages about being a good person. He's in jail and its probably not my place to lecture him, I'm sure he gets that enough and he's been in there long enough to know what constitutes good and bad. I am debating whether or not to send the letter.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

"I think of you everytime I browse my cell phone on the toilet"

I'm awake at 4am, good news is I found this site and its hilarious. Flirting and Thinking of you sections are great so far!

I could link these all day Last one

So basically, I feel like I did about 400 situps. I kinda wish I had because then I'd have done something productive to cause the intense pain in my stomach and lower back. I suppose I should go to the doctor today. Damnit.