Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Last night we're browsing google images of teeny tiny puppies and ooh'ing and ahh'ing at their teeny tiny cuteness. When I scroll to this page:

Nick suddenly leaps off the bed shouting "OMG JON HAMMS JOHN HAM" "google it, google it now!" and laughing like a madman. Somehow a guy named Jon Hamm ended up in my puppy cutefest.

And this, my friends, is Jon Hamm's John Ham:

Betrayal! At the house on the hill.

Let me tell you a story about 6 ordinary people who find themselves together in a big old house! Its a board game I recently got and have fallen in love with. The game starts in the entrance to an old house, the players are each given a set of stats and a misson. Explore the house. Each turn you find a new room that holds an event, a new item or an omen! Encounter enough omens and the house becomes haunted! Based on which room you've discovered and what omen you've unleashed you will find one of many possible haunt scenarios.
So far I've been attacked by my own doppleganger, found the ghost of Crimson Jack, been nearly lured into the depths of hell by a mysterious fiddler and sucked into oblivion by a vortex! Even if you've played a haunt before, each encounter will be different based on the rooms you've discovered and the items available.

We had our first game night get together last weekend and everyone enjoyed the game so much we played twice!

Monday, August 08, 2011

I love this guy.

I remember when I met him. I was at a Nerds meetup and he walked in with his friend. I thought "he doesn't belong here" and assumed his friend made him come to the group. I was kinda bummed too because I thought he was super cute. Finally he sat down next to me and we struck up what ended up being a 3 hour conversation where we tuned out the entire rest of the room. He will never let me live down the fact that (because I thought for sure he was just some random guy there with a friend) I asked him "do you use the internet?".

As it turns out, he does use the internet. He also loves the outdoors, gaming, pets, travel and most of all he loves me.

Life is good.