Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I once visited a crematorium where they gave discounts to burn victims.

So, awesome news! Nick and I have been looking for a new apartment because our lease is up. We are doing great with our budget and decided to treat ourselves to this beautiful apartment complex in North Phoenix. This place is amazing. Not just the apartment, but the views, the amenities, everything! We went in there based on the price on the website but we were told that the price online was based on a 6 month lease and included $83 off a month based on this $500 program they were doing. Our rate was higher because we wanted a 12 month lease and the $500 had to be stretched over 12 months instead of 6. We were a little miffed but had talked ourselves into the place so whatever, we signed anyway.

 Nick decides to call the corporate office and verify the website prices and lo and behold they tell us that the prices are based on 12 months and do not include the $500 bonus! So he calls the apartment manager back who tells him "thats incorrect, we post the prices that way as a marketing scheme to get people to call". Little did they know we had both calls recorded. So he contacted the regional manager and told her about the little "trick" and asked for our money back and to be let out of our lease. At first she said no but Nick politely reminded her that this is false advertising and could be considered bait and switch since their website clearly stated "Prices based on 12 month lease" and had the "sign now and recieve a $500 bonus!" but never mentioned it was already included in the price. They did.

 The silver lining to not getting our dream apartment is this: WE DECIDED TO BUY A HOUSE! I am over the moon excited. We've been looking at homes online and in the town we want to buy all week and tonight we're meeting with the Realtor! So for now, I think we're going to sign a 6 month lease and stay in our current place while we shop for our first home together!

 Lastly, I teased Nick that I would blog about this.
 I was watching Nick play Fallout 3 the other day and his Wadsworth told him this joke "I once visited a crematorium where they gave discounts to burn victims.".
Me: *giggle*
Nick: *Stoneface*
 Me: Don't you think that was funny?
 Nick: No, it was kinda dumb.
 Me: A crematorium is where they cremate people...
Nick: Oh...well its pretty funny then.
Me: ...
Nick: I thought a crematorium was a place where the sell salves and lotions.

 Now every time I want to buy lotion I'm going to tell him I'm on the way to the crematorium :P