Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hola Journal!
Today is Ty's birthday and I forgot my phone!!! I'll see him tonight tho at his birthday party, my stomach is churning about going. His girlfriend, who apparently doesn't like me much, is going to be there and I doubt he mustered up the balls to let her know I was invited. I got him Aqua Di Gio, the most amazing smelling cologne on the planet. Jamie used to wear it, you know when you date someone and then you end up hating them usually anything that reminds you of that person you don't like? There is nothing on the planet that would make me stop swooning for Aqua Di Gio! Why not let my oldest friend smell like it?

You know for the last year of trying to keep this journal updated I always had nothing to say, because I literally did nothing and now I have so much to update! I am thrilled with life right now.

work is going good, I am at my new branch for the second week and its still slow. I am having to cold call people to drum up a little business! That's all I will update for now this is getting a little long.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I managed to have a very busy week this week! So much for being "alone".
Tuesday I went bowling with Ty and some of his friends. Last night was my Christmas party with my old branch and tonight I'm going to one with my new branch! I think I won't go anywhere tomorrow because Saturday I'm hanging out with myspace and Sunday I am going to lunch with Robin.

I haven't been playing much WoW since I moved. I know I really want to because at work this morning I used my WoW login ID instead of my work one lololol! Since Wrath came out I haven't got a really good handle on gear, I don't know whats out there I dont' know anything about set pieces and where to get them. I need to study up because Perla is sick of being Enhancement, I wanna heal! Cersi is being the epitome of a glass cannon, she's only 73 at the moment but still wearing t6 which is giving me awesome dps but no HP compared to these mobs. Thank god I specced frost!

Hoping for Christmas my family decides to send me money instead of presents because I would like to finish decorating my apartment and still be able to pay off the furniture and other things that I bought on credit.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I don't want to ever relive what happened to me over the last 2 weeks so I'll summarize: I got a blood clot from using birth control, it hurt more than anything I have ever felt before, it still hurts. I spent 6 days in a hospital but I am out now and back to work.

Now. I got an apartment at The Waterford and I love it. Thank god for my mother who came to help me move and extended her stay when I got sick, she helped me move in and furnish the place. Its really nice, I love the colors i chose and I honestly love coming home to a place that is all mine and being able to do whatever I please.

Tonight I'm going bowling with Ty. Ty is a childhood friend that moved to SC when he was in high school, lucky me that I moved to the same town he did! He's been a blessing to say the least, helping me move and keeping me company and letting me vent to him!

I am officially in my new branch as manager and I am currently putting together a meeting to help us get to know each other and set some goals and boundaries. I'm excited, I wish I didn't feel so medicated all day because I know i'm being quieter than I normally would be.