Wednesday, March 07, 2012


I am excited to say that I have finally completed C25K! This is an app for your phone that helps you run for a full 30 minutes at the end of 9 weeks. I have been working on completing this program for longer than 9 weeks though. It all started in 2010 when I decided to start running. I would fall on and off that wagon for various reasons, mostly my lack of initiative and inability to truly push myself.

When I met Nick I told him about the program and he agreed to run it with me. We had a rocky start where we would both find excuses to not run and when 2012 hit we agreed to become serious about it. We were at week 4 at that point. A couple weeks into January I sprained my knee on a trampoline and we had to take a couple of weeks off for me to heal. After that it was on. We committed to three times a week no excuses. We stopped other hobbies just to make sure we could make time to run and I am pleased to say that on March 3, 2012 we completed Week 9, Day three with a full 30 minute run!

Running is no longer a struggle for me. It feels good and even when I don't feel like running after I get started I remember how much I love it.

In an effort to not give up we have just started the follow up program B210K.

In just 6 short weeks we should be running a full 60 minutes!

My personal goal is to be able to run in a Mud Run by the end of summer. They look like so much fun and I want to be in great shape so we can run, hike, climb and do all kinds of fun outdoors stuff without worrying about being too out of shape for it.

*Note, thought I am running for 30 minutes now my pace isn't fast enough to actually go 5K but the more we run the faster our pace gets. So if you're looking to do this program too, don't get discouraged. Get the time down and the distance/pace will come with it!


One of our new favorite board games is Pandemic. Its a 4 player game where you all work together to cure 4 viruses spreading across the world. Each player draws a role and not all roles are used, makes each game a little bit different! You travel the globe healing the diseases before the spread too fast and try to minimize outbreaks as you search for the cure. Its pretty challenging, there are several different ways to play to make the game more or less challenging.

Well, as it turns out, Pandemic has an expansion! I just got it and can't wait to play it. There's a new virus strain out there, a new way for the disease to mutate, new and improved roles and a bio terrorist role so one of your team is actually working against you! OMG!