Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The proposal

I started my new job on Oct 14th. But that isn't the only exciting thing that happened that day. I got home and Nick met me in the garage as I pulled in, he was all dressed up and freshly shaved (aka looking super fine) and asked if I'd go on a date with him to celebrate my new job. We went out for sushi and had a great time. On the way home he stopped off at the big park in Anthem and said he wanted to go for a walk. I didn't want to go because we had been working out all week and my legs were killing me but he insisted. So we walk to this cute little bridge with waterfall behind it and we're hugging and just being in love.

Nick gets down on his knee and begins to tell me how much he loves me. I thought he was joking for a minute because he keeps telling me he's going to mess with me about proposing like Jim did with Pam on the office. But then he pulls a little box out of his pocket and asked me to marry him! YES! Of course!

And so, I will soon be Mrs. whateverwedecide. Nick has decided he wants to start our own legacy with our family. So we're going to choose a last name and use that when we get married.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Rocky Point

Last month Nick gave his friend Zach a call just to check up and say hi and whatnot. Zach says he's headed to visit his girlfriend in Rocky Point, Mexico this weekend and invited us to come along! It just so happened that we were on vacation but had decided to stay home with all the house purchasing stuff going on. What a great getaway!

I didn't realize that Rocky Point is really only like 4 hours south of Phoenix so the drive out wasn't too bad. It was raining a lot though and when we got into Mexico the roads were so bad most cars couldn't get through. Zach had a huge (like I needed a running start to jump into this thing) truck so we made it through.

So his girlfriend lives down there and we were going to be staying at her house for the weekend. She actually lived on a little "estate" with her house, the guest house/garage and her parents house. The A/C in her house was out so we stayed in her parents house. The place was AMAZING. I'm going to avoid posting a bunch of photos of their home on the internet but here's the view from the kitchen overlooking the ocean.

The whole weekend was so relaxing. We did a lot of swimming, drinking, eating and lazing around. It was absolutely perfect. Lucky for us Zach and his girlfriend are wine lovers like we are and he brought a bunch of wine from Caduceus with. I think my mouth was purple all weekend lol. 
This photo was taken first thing in the morning, the tide rolls in through the day and all that rock behind us eventually gets covered in water. So we took a morning stroll down to the water and as we were standing there the water kept getting deeper and deeper, it was pretty neat.

Monday, October 08, 2012

All of the things.

Pretty exciting last couple of months! After a rollercoaster of a closing process, we actually did buy the house I posted about before. Its everything I thought it would be. We have so much more room, an amazing yard and we live in the most beautiful community. I couldn't be happier. I love taking this next step on our lives together. This weekend we spent time working on the yard and doing odd things around the house like putting together dressers and hanging up the TV.
Its an awesome feeling, but the thing that makes it best is doing it with Nick. Never in my life have I felt so right-in-step with another person. It was always me following them or them following me all while struggling to find a happy medium. With him, there isn't a question, we are simply on the same page or we work together to make things happen.

Another super exciting development is that I got a new job. I hadn't been happy at my previous job for some time. Not so much the job but that the job wasn't going anywhere, I felt like I had no room to grow and nobody supporting me if I did want to move up. Its a bad feeling and it was making things really hard for me. So I started applying to a few banks that I thought would be a good fit for me. I loved banking but I never thought I'd find a company I believed in and actually liked working for as I did with BB&T. Well, I found a couple of credit unions and one bank and just kept applying at them and a few other various places to see what was out there. I got a call from my new employer telling me that the job I applied for was really meant to be filled internally as it was an operations role and they wanted someone who knew their bank policies first hand. However, they liked my resume and asked if I'd be interested in working in a branch again. Of course I would! My interview was for an assistant position but when I got there they said they had a manager spot open and I interviewed for that. I start October 15th.

As you might imagine the last couple months have been pretty crazy. Hopefully, once I fall back into some semblance of a routine I'll be able to blog a little more! But today I am going to spend outside. Its finally down to the 80s here in sunny Arizona and my beautiful backyard has gotten overgrown so I'll be pruning and trimming to my hearts content all afternoon.