Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chicago (better late than never!)

Its a bird, its a plane! Its SUPER STEPHANIE! Just kidding. That was me at the Mythbusters Exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Just part of the amazing vacation Nick and I took back home to visit the family. PS my family loves Nick as much as I do. Mom calls him her son, Dad said I could marry him and my sisters have their kids calling him Uncle Nick (though as soon as they can talk they shall call him Uncle PoopyPants MUAHAHA). Who wouldn't love this silly bearded fuzzy man peach??
Anyway the whole trip was a blast. We flew in on a Saturday and spent the first two nights downtown at the Wheeler Mansion. We decided to make our own pizza tour but got full after the first two stops! Spent an entire day at the Museum of Science and Industry and our final day in the city walking around Millennium Park and visiting the Bean
After that we headed down to Kankakee to visit my family. Our first couple of nights were spent at my sister Michelle's house so we could spend some time with her sweet baby twins Tanner and Olivia.
Then we headed out to my grandpa's farm and saw his bunnies and horses. Short visit with Brian and Cody and the last night was at my dads house so I could see my cool little brother Jake. I got him a new board game called Tiki Mountain and he made me a home made chia pet!
Of course its grown since then... All in all it was a great trip!