Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The mini choppers

I can't seem to hold onto a mini chopper to save my life. Its a small kitchen gadget that chops up nuts, veggies or whatever. So when I first moved into my own house my mom got me one as a housewarming gift. For one reason or another at the following Christmas she bought me another one. I laughed and told this story for years because I thought it was silly.

I moved out of that house when I moved to South Carolina and I didn't take much with me, including my two mini choppers. So when my mom came to visit for Thanksgiving she had to buy me another one. Mom mini chopper tally is now 3.

So I moved out of that house and again didn't take everything, including my poor mini chopper. So Mom came back down to SC to help me get situated and was astounded to find that I again lacked a mini chopper. She bought me my 4th mini chopper.

Mom, ended up staying with me for several months before moving back to Illinois and when she left she TOOK my mini chopper :(

So 4 mini choppers later, I still don't own one and I decided to give up on the idea that I could have one of my own.

Today I'm moving out of my apartment and into another one and I just emptied a cabinet and lo and behold THERE IS A MINI CHOPPER IN THERE. I swear to all things I have never seen this thing in my life. After what I've been through with the other mini choppers, I would know if I actually had one. A mini chopper materialized out of nowhere or someone is playing a joke on me!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cute idea that turned into a priceless memory

A few months ago Nick took a vacation to Japan to climb Mt. Fuji. We had just begun dating but things were going really well, so I wanted to do something special for him. I decided to get a box of cards and write to him.

I made one card for various points on his trip. They were things like "Open before you leave", "Open before you go to sleep", "Open when you miss me the most", "Open when you get to the top of Fuji" ect..

He loved it!

Just after he returned from his trip I came home from work to a candlelit dinner. On the table was the box of cards I had given him. He had me open each one and inside he had written back to me...

Now we have this adorable box of love letters to each other, one of my most cherished items.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Its here!

One more piece of awesomeness to the board game collection. I present to you...MUNCHKIN QUEST!

Its the board game version of a popular card game called Munchkin. I played it the other night at a friends board game night. Have I mentioned the totally awesome people that I've been hanging out with lately? I never knew I could actually know IRL more than a couple of real geeks but as it turns out, there are TONS!
This game is cool. You start out at level 1 and you spend your three moves exploring a dungeon. Explore a new room and face a monster, each room has a special ability or dis-ability as it were. Cards determine your items, class, race and abilities. Use them with other players or against them! Get to level 10 and face a boss to win. SO. MUCH. FUN!

Bitchin' Text

We are almost through ALL of the seasons of The Office! I love that show, btw. The other night there was a scene where Andy sent Daryl a pigeon text. I wanted to find a video to post here but couldn't, so here's the Wiki:

Andy becomes overzealous about their friendship in "China" by constantly texting Darryl to his annoyance. When Darryl gives Andy an ultimatum that he's one text away from being banned by texting him, Andy wagers it into telling him that his next text will be so good that Darryl will have to high five him. This is proved when Andy finds pigeons eating an ice cream cone and texts Darryl to witness it.

After the scene we're giggling and such and Nick turns to me and says "I'm gonna send you a pigeon text". What I heard was "I'm gonna send you a bitchin' text" which I thought was hilarious and made total sense, I love getting totally bitchin' texts. Apparently in my old age I forgot that bitchin' wasn't what the kids were saying these days.
I think pigeon texts are bitchin' anyway