Tuesday, May 15, 2007

bad first day

ok so today started off with good intentions. I packed myself a salad for lunch. Italian dressing, sunflower kernels, string cheese and applesauce. yum! but the man called off work for his birthday and wanted to have lunch together..no biggie, i got a frescata sandwich from Wendy's....ruined by french fries :(

then, his brother wanted to go to mikinos for dinner, japanese food. chicken, rice fine but you use hibachi sauce, bad for ya. anyway long story short, i ate a bunch of crap today however, i will be starting tomorrow soooo .. ok bad excuse. THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW!


I interviewed for a new position and it went really well
I finally stopped at the shop I promised the owner i'd check out
I let the man know that I was upset about something, because usually I sit on it and stew without ever saying anything.

I still have that salad packed, so good lunch is in the future.


Monday, May 14, 2007

one more thing

i'm interviewing for a relationship banker position tomorrow. chances are low that i get it but man i'm excited. WISH ME LUCK!

ook new post

today i joined sparkpeople.com and i made myself 3 promises, because it asks me to

1. write in a journal
2. pack my lunches
3. go for a walk

ideally i'd like to post here everyday, what i ate, what i did to work out as well as what i did for myself mentally.

today i decided to make a change, thats enough for now, the hard part is on its way.