Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Who said turning 30 meant growing up?!

I had a fantastic 30th birthday. My mom showed up (it was her birthday too) in Arizona and surprised me. Shannon picked me up and we went to dinner with Cyndi and Danielle and afterwards we went to Dave and Busters. We're walking in and I catch a glimpse of our friend Dave and think, whats he doing here? Then I notice Dave has a girl with him but I can't tell who she is. Upon closer inspection it was my mom!! I screamed so loud the people around us all jumped HA!
We had a great time, I played tons of games and got lots of tickets. Grand prize was 2600 tickets and a new cozy hoodie.

The whole week after my birthday my mom was here and we did all kinds of fun stuff. Probably the most fun was the trip to Jerome, AZ where Maynard from Tool has a winery called Caduceus.

There were actually several winerys in Jerome that we stopped at. I can't wait for a trip back, if not for the scenery alone! Here's a photo of Jerome as we approached it, the whole town is on the side of a mountain!