Friday, January 16, 2009

I should have known that Twlight was going to disappoint. I was replaying the book in my head as the movie went on and it was making it worse! Had I not already known the story of Edward and Bella it might have been a good movie, B-rated maybe as it wasn't very well executed by the actors but defiately not box office quality. I understand for times sake they had to re arrange the story and for the most part they didnt' miss too many key plot points; I still would have liked it to be more like the story. The funny part is, reading the book and knowing how people were supposed to act (because the author was very detailed on the characters mannerisms) I could tell the actors were trying to portray the character exactly, probably not the best idea. Anyway I have to give Twilight, the movie C+ (the + was for effort).

My foot is huge today, can't wait to see the doc next week. There has to be something they can do to either improve circulation or keep the swelling down. At this point I dont' think that it my veins causing the issue. I have always had bad circulation and swelling ankles and the blood clot made the circulation worse. Tired of wearing the dumb support "hose" as I can't wear ANY of my cute shoes with those hideous thick white things on. UGH!

OK that was too much complaining for one post. What happy thing can I say for today..hmm. My teller supervisor is doing fantastic getting me leads and referrals, hopefully she is successful in coaching her tellers to do the same things. She does exactly what I tell her to do and I think after we get more comfortable with each other she's going to be a huge asset.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

come get your man

My step dad called me last night to have a "heart to heart" with me. He is determined to get me back together with Adam. He says we are meant to be together and doesn't matter what I do with my life I will end up with Adam so I might as well just come get him now. I talk to Adam every week and I would say 3/5 times we talk, we end up fighting. Sad part is that its the same old stuff we found about when we were together. Some things never change. We make wonderful friends, horrible spouses. Not to mention, even my lobster wouldn't get me to move back to Illinois.

Tonight i'm going to see Twilight. Can't wait, I read the book and I'm hoping the movie can live up to my imagination. Never really does but we'll see!

My foot is huge. When I get home at night you can see the imprint of my shoe. It is so annoying!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

this damn old desk!! I fight with it night after night trying to get it locked, there has to be a trick besides slamming the desk drawer until it works! Alas, if that's all I have to worry is good. And it truly is.

Work has been wonderful, I was in training in Winston Salem, Nc all last week and I learned soo many things! I feel well equipped to understand the inner workings of my branch and I know how to coach and engage my employees. In 2 weeks I go back and learn how to make retail loans. The pre-homework before the class is gruelling but totally worth it, I've been wanting to learn this for a long time.

My apartment is messy! I need to do laundry and every night I think I will go home and take care of all that something comes up, someone wants to go out or I want to do something else. This is a good, not a bad thing because I wasn't this busy when I was actually living with someone that should have already been doing these things with me! I love where I live, I don't care if it gets a little messy because I'm happy, so happy.

World of warcraft is fun, I haven't played too too much lately with everything going on. I made a good group of friends and I'm currently raiding my shaman (as a healer) and leveling my mage (she's 78 now). I made a hunter to play around with, doubt anything will happen with her but I kind of wish it would. I should have been a female dwarf ages ago!

ha! That's all for now