Monday, February 28, 2011


Last Thursday I went out for some day drinking and afterwards hit up Santisi for darts and more drinking. Needless to say Friday when I woke up I wasn't feeling top notch. My tummy was killing me! I went to work but ended up leaving early and going home to rest. Around 9pm I decided that hangovers just don't last this long, I did some drinking but not THAT much. So I headed over to urgent care and they looked at me like a crazy person, TO THE ER! Several hours later I was getting my appendix out.

What a strange experience. I was in a daze for days between blinding pain and drugs. As with any crisis, when I came to I realized once again that I have an amazing support system. My friends and family all came in to help me take care of myself, take care of my dog and provide much needed moral support to get through this. Thanks guys :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Left with Steph

My friends Nick, John and AJ all play Left 4 Dead with me. Its been awhile but there's always a running joke that I get the most friendly fire. Nick is a great artist and he drew a little cartoon depicting us. The first is me with a machine gun the the guys hiding in the background, then me with the bright idea to put big signs on them to help avoid (and also poking fun at the time I blamed them for startling the witch and then getting in my way!) and finally the guys decide maybe I'd be better off with melee weapons instead of guns :P

There are a few more in the series but these three get the chain of events the best :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I had a UPS tag on my door a couple of days ago, assuming it was something for my sister I waited until today to get it. I hadn't ordered anything and Brandon said he never mailed anything so imagine my surprise when I open up a Google Chrome Notebook!!!! I signed up MONTHS ago to be a tester for it, never in a billion years did I think they would be sending me one!

Its really great so far. I can connect to the internet via my wifi, tether from my phone or use Verizon 3g. I get 100MB free a month or i can buy an unlimited 3g package for ten bucks.

In addition to getting one of the coolest devices ever, I also finally got Cyanogen Mod 7 on my phone. I've been fighting with this phone for a few weeks now. Today was a great success in one geeks life.

Now I have a Google phone, tablet and notebook. I think I am officially a fangirl