Monday, August 24, 2009

Bubble Wonderland

Happily and sadly Blizzard just announced at Blizzcon the 3rd expansion to my beloved World of Warcraft. Which started a week long chat between my old wow friends and myself about the possibility of starting to play again. They are downloading as we speak. New classes include Worgen (hell yes) and Goblins for the horde because they were jealous of gnomes and dwarfs. 85 level cap, underwater mounts, new stuff in the Barrens, oh my. Its calling my name.

In an attempt to completely separate myself today I tried to give away my account but nobody would take it. Vince offered to save me:

vtroyan (2:04:09 PM): oh and btw dont you DARE play wow!
shynnee123 (2:04:16 PM): :-(
shynnee123 (2:04:27 PM): i tried to give away my account today so i wouldn't
vtroyan (2:05:13 PM): throw all your cd's away
shynnee123 (2:05:19 PM): you don't need em!
shynnee123 (2:05:27 PM): i can download right from the site!
shynnee123 (2:05:29 PM): muahahahaha
vtroyan (2:05:34 PM): let me log into your account and Ill change your password to lahogwonhgbaqnopqbwkqwpnwiqwg

I should let him do it.

Speaking of Vince. I love this guy, I wish I could save all of our chats because I nearly piss myself every time I talk to him.

shynnee123 (2:14:19 PM): so i just talked to this guy that messaged me online. he is 28, works at wendys and dosen't have a car or a drivers license for that matter. and he got mad at me for saying i'm not interested. because "nobody is interested in getting to know people anymore"
vtroyan (2:15:35 PM): umm how do you meet these people
shynnee123 (2:16:14 PM): hell if i know.
shynnee123 (2:16:22 PM): but i lucked out with name removed
vtroyan (2:16:49 PM): and me....HELLO
shynnee123 (2:17:00 PM): well i meant dating wise
vtroyan (2:17:08 PM): geez man, just cover me with dirt why dont you!
vtroyan (2:17:10 PM): :P
shynnee123 (2:17:16 PM): you're like my internet soul mate
vtroyan (2:17:32 PM): LOL man does that make me sound like a super mega loser
shynnee123 (2:17:38 PM): no!
shynnee123 (2:18:10 PM): if i didn't have you, onyxier and rhino would make sense to nobody
shynnee123 (2:18:15 PM): or the loser sheet set
shynnee123 (2:18:18 PM): or mate or die
shynnee123 (2:18:24 PM): we're fucking geniuses
shynnee123 (2:18:26 PM): vince
vtroyan (2:18:34 PM): lmao onyxier

In other news, my mother brought 6 tubes of bubbles home from my aunts wedding so I get to turn my living room into "bubble wonderland" on a nightly basis. My life rules.