Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Positive Thinking

I heard something today that while I think is clear to most people I realize working with people that are down on their luck or just can't seem to keep their heads up that this concept is not clear to everyone. It is that if you think positive thoughts and you act on them your life will remain positive and good things will happen.

I hear all day long, "I can't get a job because [insert well thought out reason here]" or "I just can't seem to stay on top because [insert reason to blame someone else here]." I can honstly say from expierence that if you are constantly thinking, this is how my life will remain becuase of [whatever reason] and I just have to deal with it, then that's exactly how it will stay, sucky.

The words that come out of your mouth and the actions that you take are a direct response from whats going on in your head. Think something positive, read something positive if you can't seem to get negative things off your mind or talk to someone that can get you out of your funk!
I use google as my home page and if you didn't know they recently changed it so you can customize what's on it when you log on. My page has quotes, jokes and advice. It gives me something to think about and talk about everyday. The point is, find some way to bring something positive into your mind as soon as you start your day.

Sorry for preaching guys but sometimes I just want to shake people and say to them "the only person doing this to you is YOU!"