Friday, January 29, 2010

Overdramatic Much?


From: Chris M.  
Sent: Thursday, January 28, 2010 11:24 AM
To: Stephanie


Hi, we have talked briefly before my name is Chris, perhaps you remember me? Anyways I just thought I would drop you a line to see how you are doing and to point out that you are getting an F for lack of participation today. If it were possible to give a grade lower than an F I would do this.


If there was someway I could tell the world how much your conversational skills suck I would do that. If I could afford a commercial during the super bowl I would make that commercial about how absolutely pathetic you are with the talking to me today AND I would show it as many times as time would allow. Just sayin


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tl;dr its just a rant.

I've been tossing this around in my head awhile and mentioning it to a few people here and there who thinks its crazy that this even bothers me but I have to say it. I hate dual facebook profiles. You know where a boyfriend and girlfriend or a husband and wife make one profile for both people "bob and nancy smith" instead of one for bob and one for nancy. It bugs me for 2 reasons because when I see them I think either 1. one of these people does not have their own personal identity (surprise its usually the woman) or 2. one of these people is incredibly insecure and can't stand wondering who the other is talking to and such. And both of these things are my 2 biggest fears about being in a relationship.

Over the last few years I've worked really hard at finding my own identity again, separate from Adam and then separate from Tim. For some reason in both relationships I let them tell me what I should and shouldn't be interested in. Adam telling me not to be a teacher and make more money (clearly for his own benefit) and Tim talking down about virtually every idea I ever had. I found myself making choices based on how I thought they would react to them and that's what made me so unhappy. Its great to have common interests, in fact its better that way because you have more things to enjoy together. But sometimes a person is going to like things the other person doesn't like and it means you just need to support them and let them enjoy what makes them happy.

I don't have to go into much detail about the jealousy thing, most people have experienced it. I've been in one relationship my whole life where the person I was with was not at all jealous and it was fantastic. I am not a jealous person and its great when you are with someone who feels the same way.

I know its just facebook and the whole thing is kind of dumb anyway, but I really do think it says something negative about you and about your relationship when you can't establish your own profile with your own friends.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

You know, some people say life is short and that you could get hit by a bus at any moment and that you have to live each day like it's your last. Bullshit. Life is long. You're probably not gonna get hit by a bus. And you're gonna have to live with the choices you make for the next fifty years. 

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pants on the ground

10 minutes later he's an internet sensation. Lookin like a fool with
your pants on the ground. Lol Sent from my BlackBerry Smartphone
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One handed blog post

Apparently I threatened 2010 to kick butt so much that it kicked my butt for being cocky. I fell Saturday and broke my elbow! So here I type slowly pecking away with one hand. Needless to say this will be a short post.

Saturday night Nicole, Allison and I went out. First we had dinner at Julia's in Columbia (fantastic German food btw), then we went to the Vista. Neither of them seemed to be having any fun, the bars were crowded and it just wasn’t their scene. Nicole wanted to go to the Skyline. I don’t know, I cant decide if it’s the country music, line dancing, lack of culture, lack of decent beer or lack of decent crowd that I don’t like but I hate the Skyline. Not to mention it’s a smoking bar so you leave stinking every time. But alas, we went. Nicole found us a table in the farthest corner of the bar so I had to get up and find some poor unsuspecting man to talk into giving up his seats. That was easy enough, not sure his buddies were thrilled when they got back though. We got a good spot right next to the stage though. People watching was the best part of that night.

Brandon finally got his package. But not before the USPS and International Postmaster got a piece if my mind lol. I was stressed, his expensive helmet cam was in there! I'm happy he's got it now though, one less thing to stress over :)

Friday, January 08, 2010


It appears my birthday is also the same as Stephen Hawking. COOL!

I sent a package to Brandon in Japan 17 days ago. 12 if you take away the days that the mail didn't run. At any rate its been way too long and I'm worried about it. I emailed the USPS but they said since its going to an APO that its no longer in their jurisdiction. So I had to mail a letter to some agency in Virginia asking them to locate it. I have something else to send him but I'm afraid to now!!

Today is my birthday! I have no plans so far. I assume I'll be going out and finding the best happy birthday drink specials! Its my moms birthday too so I suppose I'll be going out with her. Mom bought me a haircut/color for my birthday. Its really cute, short with bangs and dark brown with some caramel colored highlights. Very pretty.

Last night my friend Waylon called me and helped me set up a training routine for the gym. Waylon is a personal trainer but he lives in Illinois so he's trying to help me over the phone. I have a list of exercises to do on particular days, how to do them and everything. He also talked to me about how we build muscle and how different types of workouts do different things for your body. I'm not going to type all of it out here but its really great to have someone to be able to ask questions and get ideas from. I take classes in the evenings, whatever is going on in the 6:45 timeslot after my workout is done. I like doing the BodyPump class at Golds but they moved the schedule around and last night in its time slot was BodyCombat. Something new for me but it looked fun, karate, kickboxing and taichi. That class was TOUGH omg!! Not only was is constant moving, jumping and running but there were a lot of moves you had to learn and then coordinate quickly. I worked HARD. I'm definitely going back but its probably going to take me a few classes to be able to follow the moves!! In 6 weeks I will report back to Waylon and he is going to adjust my routine so my muscles don't get used to what I'm doing. YAY for free personal trainer :P

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Me: My birthday is 1-8-81 it’s a palindrome!
Vince: Oh neat, that explains your personality!
Me: Really? What's that mean?
Vince: I don't know I just made that up.

My birthday is Friday! Mom gave me a gift certificate to get my hair done. I haven't had it cut in months so I'm going today, super excited. Saturday we're going out to dinner with some friends. German food at Julia's, I love that place. I have no plans for my actual birthday yet but I'm sure it is going to be going out somewhere. We shall see.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Mom and I decided to go out Saturday night. We tried a new place since the regular place wasn't very busy. They had karaoke and a girl I used to work with was there so we stayed. Sitting at the bar chatting away I can feel the person behind me starting at me. Trying to ignore it I swear I can hear him breathing. So mom tells me "steph I think that guy behind you wants your attention". At this point I haven't even looked to see him because I'm kinda creeped out by the vibe I was getting from his piercing eyes.

"he's creepy isn't he?"
"give him a dirty look so he'll quit"
My mom's incapable of giving dirty looks apparently so she says "stop staring at her". Apparently that meant, stop staring and talk to her. So creepy boy in his Guns n' Roses t-shirt moves to the seat right next to me. Yes, I could feel him staring and hear him breathing from 2 seats away and now I can smell him too. Essence of stale cigarette with a hint of parents basement is what I would guess he smelled like. So I turn my back to him and try to ignore the fact that he's now trying to join in our conversation. I was telling mom I really wanted to sing karaoke so creepy boy practically falls out of his chair running to find a song book. It was at that point that we decided to leave. He tried to get my phone number and I was really polite saying no but he acted like it was the biggest shock he'd ever heard, throwing his hands into the air and staring at me like I must be nuts.

Also, next time there's karaoke I am going to sing Lita Ford's Kiss me Deadly.