Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Music, traveling, friends and family. Life's good.

I always tie music into times in my life. Certain songs, genres or artists that I was really into during a particular event or time in my life. Even if those people aren't around anymore or whatever was happening is done now, the music brings me back to that time. This morning made me smile, I was flipping through my Zune and 3 songs in a row that directly related to a happy time in my life played. Silversun Pickups-Kissing Families, Radiohead-15 Step and Led Zepplin-No Quarter. I love my Zune, I love my life, today is a good day.

Travel season for me has officially begun! Two weeks ago I was in VA Beach for 4 days visiting my sister, her boyfriend and their two adorable (gigantic) dogs Sam and Lexi. I got strep while I was up there and had to find a doc and I felt awful but it didn't even matter because I was so incredibly happy to be around my sister. We went to a Mystery Dinner Playhouse and solved a "who done it" during dinner, Lindsy turned 21 and we went out and had her order her first shot, beer, pitcher of beer and drink with dinner. We went bowling, I got to play at the dog park with Sam (german shepherd) and Lexi (Doberman), they are the sweetest most cuddly dogs ever! Before I left VA I went back to the tattoo artist that did the bird behind my ear and I got a tattoo of a plumeria on my foot. It is the tattoo I wanted to get last year in Hawaii but didn't have a chance to. Very cute!

Last weekend Nicole and I went to Myrtle Beach for 2 days. We went to a beerfest in a new little area they built up called the Market Commons. Had a great time sipping lots of yummy beers and listening to a live band. After the fest we had dinner at PF Changs, one of my favorite places to eat! It was kind of chilly so we didn't spend a whole lot of time on the beach, but we're planning on going back in June when its warmer. We also went mini golfing at the tallest mini golf course I've ever been on. The place had blue water. It reminded me of when I was a kid, my dad took me mini golfing at a place with blue water. The water fascinated me to no end and all I wanted to do was touch it but my dad kept telling me no. Of course, the moment he turned his back I went down by the water to check it out and I fell in!! Dad will never let me live that down. So to commemorate my second trip to blue water, I took a photo (and I never fell in, however, I did putt my ball into it and I had to share Nicoles ball the rest of the time). We got some "wild west" photos done at one of those old time photo places. We were gangsters, cute pic and fun dressing up. All in all it was a great weekend away from home and great time spent with one of my best friends.

Also, while we were in MB. Nicole got a tattoo (cute little daisy on her toe) and her ear pierced. We went to the piercing place that I got mine done at last year and the girl that did mine was there, she was so sweet, I liked the jewelry she had and so she replaced mine for free! The tattoo place was awesome, the artist was Israeli and had a cool accent! He was singing and dancing for us and telling jokes. At one point one of his friends came in and was trying to talk him into doing the "grandma from Alabama" impression but he got shy and didn't do it. Haha, I woulda loved to see that! We did get some video of him doing the tattoo with my new Flip HD camcorder, I posted it on my youtube… !

In 17 more days I will be boarding an airplane to Japan! I am so excited, my first trip out of the country, yay!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I've been eating the same foods over and over for a few months. Trying to watch calories and such. Its working great but its getting so BORING! I was at Target this weekend and I saw "The Biggest Loser 30 day plan". What I needed was some easy to cook, simple meals that I can prepare in advance so I don't revert to eating out or buying too much "quick food". This book so far has been great. Here's what I ate yesterday:

Egg whites on an English muffin with a slice of ham and cheese

Apple and string cheese

Turkey wrap with carrots and an orange

Chicken breast and asparagus

Deviled eggs (substitute the yolks with hummus! Yum)

But nothing has been as wonderful as the oatmeal I had this morning. Prepare yourself!

Life changing Oatmeal
1 banana mashed with 1 tsp pure vanilla, set aside
1 1/2 c skim milk to almost boiling
Add 1c oats and cook for 2 mins
Add mashed banana mixture and take off stove and let sit covered for 5 mins.

Oh oh oh so yummy. This makes 4 servings, so just eat a 1/4 of it and save the rest for later! I ate some hard boiled egg whites, too.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I can kill you with my brain.

Ever since getting hooked on LOST via netflix I've decided to try out
other tv series on DVD. My recent obsessions are Heroes and after months
of Brandon pestering me about it, Firefly (as usual you know what's best
for me, I love it).

If you haven't watched Heroes you must. The show highlights normal
humans that have special abilities, like precognition, flying, speed,
ect. and the events that fit them all into each others lives. I'm into
season 3 right now.

Firefly was short lived and I'm not sure why as the story was good, the
characters are likable and there's a ton of possible storylines in
there. Its about a crew of people about 500 years in the future. They
travel around in their spaceship named Serenity smuggling goods and
causing trouble. Each character is uniquely funny and interesting. I
really like it.

Musically I've been listening to Gorillaz new album Plastic Beach. I
hadn't thought about Gorillaz in ages. Since Clint Eastwood (their song)
was popular. This album is great though. My favorite song is Rhinestone
Eyes. Its one of those songs where when it ends you almost get sad its
over and start it over again. I also like Superfast Jellyfish, which I
can't quite put together a meaning for and that's the allure to me, its
about breakfast cereal and King Neptune and his undersea crew. Yea, I
can't put it together either. Listen to it.

Finally consistently back at the gym after the whole breaking my arm
issue. Feels good to be working out again.
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