Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun weekend fun weekend. Friday I met up with the girl I had met on Craigslist. She was really nice, we went to a movie and to O'Charlies. OMG O'Charlies terakyi chicken is the BEST it was so yummy.
Saturday morning Tim and I got up at 6am to mount an attack on the Horde. Us and 38 other people got together and killed all 4 horde city leaders. Its the achievement "For the Alliance" and we were rewarded with a Black War Bear! What so unique about this? Well for one, they changed the level of the bosses to 80 to make it more difficult, so if you're thinking blah blah I've killed Thrall before, think again. He's harder and Carine is damn near impossible. Not to mention we are on a PvP server which means we had horde to worry about. All in all it was amazing, we won and I can't wait to do it again!! Also, 3 of our 4 leaders remain undefeated. They managed to kill the Exodar leader with 3 full 40 man raids, however it took several hours thanks to us. good times.
Saturday evening we went to a birthday party and cooked hotwings and hung out by the campfire and Sunday I went to a haunted house OOOOoooo!

This has been the most eventful weekend of my year lol. I had a great time.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


"Please join us in congratulating (Me) who has accepted the position of Banking Network Branch Manager at our St Matthews Branch. She has served as a teller and is currently a Relationship Banker at our Pelion Branch. Her passion around client service and teamwork will be instrumental in her success at St Matthews.

Please help us congratulate (Me)! We wish you the very best in your new role!!"


I went out to meet my new branch yesterday, seem like a nice group. Very small branch, I thought Pelion was small, this takes the cake! Its quaint tho, I think I am going to like it and so far the people that I did meet were very friendly.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Big News, Big News!!
I hate when I have HUGE big larger than life news, that I can't share!!!! All I can say is that something very big is about to happen to me and its a very good thing but since its unofficial, I can't tell anyone yet! The second I know, I'll post. Promise.

Besides that, my sister left for VA this morning. Its bittersweet. I'm happy to restore order to my home and I am sad because I won't have my little sissy-poo to hang out with!!

You know I just now, like 3 seconds ago noticed that I can tag my entries? I'm doing that now.

Monday, October 06, 2008

This weekend was much fun! I went to the Riverbanks Zoo with my sister. We parked on the botanical garden side and rode the tram into the zoo. Spent the entire afternoon looking at animals and spending time together. It was nice. After the zoo we went to Fuddruckers and then went shoe shopping. All in all, a wonderful Sunday afternoon.

Today and for the rest of this week I have a trainee with me, Maggie. Shes sweet as ever and I can't wait for her to get going in this job because I think she will do really well with it. She's currently in the other room taking some online tests, which gives me a minute to update!

Tonight theres a dinner at the local High School that I'm going to attend. I wore my suit again and thus feel very important today!

Friday, October 03, 2008

I didn't watch the debate =O

I generally have a pretty good feel for the election but this year I have exactly zero interest in it. Instead I played World of Warcraft, halfway through the night I decided I would have been happier watching the debate. We were learning a new boss and basically just dying again and again. It wasn't that thrilling.

I decided to send Shannon an edible arrangement. I see the commercials all the time and I think it would be a neat "I'm thinking about you gift". Trying to think of something clever to put on the card.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

I truly am a horrible conversationalist on the phone. I could talk and talk in person but seriously, on the phone I get toally distracted. I can't listen to someone I can't see, I think. I just want to walk around, clean up or do something other than sit there and talk. This poses a problem because my bestest friend lives in Arizona and the only communication we have really is via phone. I am going to send her flowers.

I met a man named Jessie Dukes today, isn't that a cool name? Sounds like a gangster! He's a very tall very nice looking man that sells used cars. I guess in the current situation its also a very hokey name for a used car salesman but its a neat name nontheless.

I am 90% sure nobody reads this blog, but if you trip across it and you know how to make a twitter feed on my page, can you leave me some instructions? That'd be wonderful, thanks.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happy Banker Day! Thats what Vince calls it anyway, I get off at 2 on Wednesdays, I love it. After work I will be heading to game stop to pre-order my Wrath of the Lich King expansion for WoW this afternoon and then afterwards do a little shoe shopping. I love Banker Day!

I am eating a South Beach Diet protein bar, they really do fill you up for quite a while. I also like the Special K protein water for when I'm hungry but not starving, just to take the edge off. Paying attention to when and why I get hungry makes me realize sometimes I only eat because I'm bored or don't know what else to do. These 2 things have been my savior for the last couple weeks!