Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ok it seems that one week is my official break up get over it time frame. I successfully made it through an entire day without crying, getting very sad and I ate more than once. Over the past few days I have:

-Rented an Apartment in a community I think I am really going to like
-Turned on electric, cable and internet as well as bought renters insurance
-Recieved flowers from my 2 best friends which had a card that read "the rat bastard didn't deserve you" hehe
-Found out that 3 of my friends think they are in love with me-lovely ego boost
-Realized that though my family is far away, they care for me and are willing to help me do anything

So, what of me now? I want to take this time in my life to truly explore what interests me. I will have a lot of time on my hands and while work is going to be seriously hard over the next 6 or so months, I promise myself that I will expierence at least one new thing a month. Join clubs and participate in more activities. I'm a young, single, successful girl!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

So my boyfriend and I broke up. Its been several days but I'm just coming to terms with whats happening. He's not being very nice at the moment and I am currently trying to find a nice place to live so I can try and pick up my peices and move on. He says he decided that he dosen't want to be in a relationship and he regrets missing out on things he got to do when he was single. He thought when we started dating starting a family is what he wanted but now he has changed his mind.

Its pretty heartbreaking after 2 years to find out that he just changed his mind. Its been creeping along for the last several months but I thought he would just come to his senses. I guess he did but not on the terms I was hoping for. I'm not thrilled, I am actually pretty depressed. But I have friends that are helping me so that's nice.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I have the memory capacity of a pea. I swear to god if you told me something right now in 3 minutes i would probably forget what it was you just said to me. I try and write everythign down so I won't forget important things but occasionally something slips through the cracks. Today it did and I feel like such an ass! I promised a client I would order him some checks because he needed them to pay some bills....last week on Friday. Here it is a new Friday and he comes in looking for them, not here because I forgot to order them. DAMN.

Last night was a productive evening on the Borean Tundra. I have become very good at the art of mob stealing. Since there are generally 10-15 people standing in the spot where said monster is waiting to be killed, I need to be the first to do so. /target mobname /cast earth shock macro works best. Speaking of combat. I recently made the switch from Resto which is what I have been since I turned 70 to enhancement in order to be more productive leveling. I have to say, I freakin love it! I'm not too happy about lava lash I thought that would be more fun but its a nice instant spell to throw into the rotation. I plan on doing all 130 quests in the tundra before leaving so that I don't have to come back and do them again for the achievement. Theres a lot of gold to be had, which is good, because learning professions has gone completely through the roof. I spent over 200g the second I landed in Valiant Keep just learning cooking and fishing.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

my manager bought my dog some really cute christmas outfits!! Yes I dress my dog. Ones a little santa clause dress and the other is a little hat with a matching collar.

I got a thank you card this morning from the High School class that I went to speak to last week. Made my morning!

Stayed up until 330 am and got up at 630 to get ready for work. I'm zombiefied at the moment. will write more another time!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Its election day!

I feel torn about many things lately, I dont' think that who to choose for president should be one of them. But I am! I like each candidate for various reasons. I am usually strongly democratic. Maybe living in the south has changed my outlook on how I view things? Maybe my democratic candidate isn't as democratic as he thinks he is? Maybe I had the whole thing mixed up! Either way, I think the majority of the peoples votes are going to be on the person and not what he stands for. Which is wrong.

Election day is not a federal holiday, schools are closed because thats where many places hold elections. There is no reason for the bank to be closed today, stop calling.
My manager told me I could not come in late today so that I could vote before work. Shes not here right know, probably voting. Hoe.

After work I need to go to the gym, I've been skipping alot with the weather and the time change, I've just been tired. I need to buckle down and get back on the wagon!

Halfway through writing this blog I got a customer. He asked me if I was going to vote and I told him yes, he told me he couldn't vote because he had a criminal record. Then he proceeded to tell me that someone busted his mouth with a brick so he pulled out his shotgun...
Which candidate has tougher gun laws?